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Since 1991, Flexible Compensators, Inc. (FlexCom) has been manufacturing custom metal bellows and fabric/composite expansion joints for a variety of industrial uses including cement, paper & pulp, steel, automotive, air pollution and power/utility applications. Whether you are piping gas, air, water, steam or chemicals, we can make a flexible expansion joint to meet your needs.

We build a complete range of:

Because our expansion joints are handbuilt, we can customize to your specifications. Our custom made expansion joints range in size according to your requirements. Whether you need a 2" coupling or a connector that is 20 feet in diameter, we can design and manufacture it for you. Our materials allow fabrication of round to round transitions, rectangular to round transitions, or almost any other imaginable shape.

FlexCom® expansion joints are constructed of ChemShield®, a composite material designed to provide maximum strength and protection for environmental conditions including high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. The composite is a Teflon® coated, high strength fiberglass cloth which is laminated to a sheet of pure Teflon® making it an ideal solution for your fan vibration isolation or high temperature expansion needs. With a wide variety of layers, weights and thickness available, we can recommend the most cost-effective product for any application.

In addition to Chemshield® and FlexLam® composites - noted for their exceptional thermal and chemical resistance, longevity and ease of installation - we also provide metal bellows and flouroelastomer materials.

Our expansion joints are supplied to OEM accounts and end users throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We are totally committed to meeting your delivery requirements. Overnight emergency delivery is available. FlexCom warranties all of its expansion joints for twelve months after installation. Extended warranties are also available for specific applications.

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