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FlexCom's Manufacturing Facilities

Flexible Compensators (FlexCom) Inc. has since 1991 focused its energy and resources upon the single task of becoming the industry leader in robust, dependable fabric and metal expansion joints. Adapting to rapidly growing global markets for quality custom made expansion joints, in 2008 we took the next logical step: moving into a new state of the art manufacturing plant in Bath, Pennsylvania that today serves as our fully integrated and full service engineering, manufacturing and test facility.

Two-thirds larger than our previous plant, this new facility has effectively doubled FlexCom's production capacity, enabling us to offer even greater cost efficiency, quality control, fast shipping and customer service. In order to best serve the needs of our customers, our manufacturing plant is strategically located near rail, truck and air shipping locations - only seven miles from Allentown's Lehigh Valley International Airport - and brings our entire production workflow under a single roof.

Unparalleled Focus. State Of The Art Workflow.

As all FlexCom expansion joints are custom designed and manufactured, everything we do depends on efficient workflow: a well-trained staff, using state of the art equipment, working in the most effective environment to create the best products possible. Our new high tech facility in Bath enables our engineering team to meet the most discriminating customer needs - developing products including flat belts, U-belts and metal bellows, as well as our trademark FlexLam and ChemShield composite fabrics - more efficiently than ever before.

This high tech facility combines fully custom design, fabrication, assembly, testing and full service shipping operations into a single state of the art workflow. Automated manufacturing, pressure and weld testing workstations integrate seamlessly with our engineering and customer support centers to ensure the highest quality products, provided with reliable on time delivery.

Making The Connection With Superior Craftsmanship.

Our new facility in Bath has been carefully designed to bring out the best from our engineering and manufacturing staff - a dedicated core workforce of experienced, highly skilled mechanical engineers. This handpicked group of long time employees forms the crucial element of our success: superior craftsmanship, provided by an integrated team of reliable engineering professionals.

FlexCom's long term commitment to employee retention, optimized productivity and customer service has cemented our reputation as a global leader in custom built fabric and metal expansion joint production. In full operation today, our Bath facility places a powerful new precision instrument into the hands of our skilled craftsmen - enabling FlexCom to continue providing the reliable engineering, high quality products, fast shipping and the excellent customer service our clients expect.

Would you like to learn more about the engineering value that FlexCom expansion joints offer? Contact or drop by our office today!

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