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U-Belt Expansion Joints

Our highly resilient ChemShield and FlexLam PTFE fabrics make the FlexCom U-belt expansion joint a particularly lightweight, economical option for use in gas applications (up to 1000F) that demand less movement compensation and particulate resistance than offered by a flat belt joint.

Unlike flat belts, our custom made U-belt joints lack metal frames, instead designed to be mounted directly to the duct flange via steel backing bars and rings. ChemShield and FlexLam fabrics are available in varying thicknesses and compositions to provide custom FlexCom U-belts with a wide range of temperature, moisture and pressure tolerate thresholds.

Learn more about our trademark ChemShield and FlexCom PTFE-coated fiberglass fabrics.


Applications: Ambient to 1000F (538C)
U-Belts are custom made for your application

UBelt Style Expansion Joint


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