Applications for Metal Bellow and Fabric Expansion Joints

FlexCom Industrial Expansion Joints Installed Around the Globe

ApplicationsPageFlexCom industrial fabric expansion joints and metal bellows are installed throughout the world, recognized for their superior ability to withstand heat, pressure, movement, vibration and abrasion in even the most challenging environments. FlexCom's industrial expansion joints provide optimum protection of ductwork and other connected systems in such diverse applications as power generation, chemical manufacturing, cement kilns and pollution control. They also are widely used in institutional settings such as schools, hospitals and office buildings, as well as ships. Learn how FlexCom's custom industrial expansion joints played a critical role at NV Energy's  Edward W. Clark Generating Station and at Air Liquide's hydrogen manufacturing facilities.

  • Power generation. Natural gas-fired power generation facilities around the globe rely on FlexCom industrial expansion joints to consistently absorb thermal shock. FlexCom custom industrial fabric expansion joints can be fabricated for cold-cold, hot-cold and hot-hot turbine configurations for both inlet and outlet applications. Rectangular and round frames are available.
  • Chemical manufacturing. FlexCom custom composite fabric expansion joints are highly reliable in chemical manufacturing plants where ductwork is subjected to high temperatures, movement and elevated particulate abrasion. Our custom fabric expansion joints are fabricated from chemically resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fiberglass insulation and heavy-duty stainless steel frames. They are available in either round or rectangular configurations.
  • Cement kilns. Exhaust ductwork in cement kilns are routinely subjected to intense heat, movement and abrasion stresses. FlexCom’s fabric composite expansion joints fabricated from chemically resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), fiberglass insulation and heavy-duty stainless steel frames form an extremely versatile and durable connection.
  • Pollution control. Industrial facilities worldwide rely on FlexCom’s custom fabric expansion joints to keep pollution control systems operating at optimal capacity. FlexCom’s custom industrial composite fabric expansion joints are especially suited to withstand sustained heat and movement as well as high levels of chemical and particulate attack.

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