Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

Large Industrial Expansion Joint

FlexCom Creates Custom Metal Bellows Expansion Joints to Your Exact Specifications

For the highest quality custom metal bellows expansion joints -- including pipe expansion joints, stainless steel bellows, exhaust bellows, exhaust expansion joints, rectangle expansion joints and more --  turn to FlexCom, the experts in industrial expansion joints since 1991. FlexCom designs and builds each metal bellows to your specifications to ensure these highly sensitive components can reliably negotiate a wide range of challenging load requirements. Save money and substantially reduce wear and tear on your ductwork and surrounding components with custom designed and built metal bellows from FlexCom. FlexCom metal bellows are durable to withstand heat and pressure, with single-ply and multi-ply designs that provide a menu of flexibility to compensate for vibration and movement. Learn why FlexCom metal bellows deliver the greatest reliability for harsh environments.

FlexCom’s metal bellows are typically made from stainless steel to handle pressure up to 300 psi or higher, temperature loads up to 2500°F, and the transfer of liquids through joints and surrounding piping. To compensate for the stiffness of stainless steel, FlexCom’s team carefully engineers the spring rate of the metal bellows based on your unique application. For ease in installation, we customize the mounting flanges to your bolt pattern using either fixed or floating cage nut configurations.

Unrivaled Metal Bellows Engineering

Our Metal Bellows Expansion Joints engineering team carefully considers:

  • Design. FlexCom offers many metal bellows designs, each providing variances in stiffness, movement compensation and heat/pressure load resistance. Learn more about FlexCom’s metal bellows designs.
  • Steel ply count. FlexCom uses single or multiple plys of steel depending upon the particular application. 
  • Steel grades. Joint elasticity is increased by delicately varying the grades of stainless steel used in the metal bellows. By choosing the most appropriate grade of metal, our engineers build the most suitable and cost effective metallic expansion joints possible.
  • Joint size. Depending on the application, we increase elasticity of metal bellows by increasing the size.
  • External support. When necessary, we eliminate pressure thrust by adding external tie rods to the joint. Fixed pipe anchors also offer an excellent solution.
Different Sizes of Metal Bellows
Metal Bellows in Production

FlexCom Metal Bellows Expansion Joints Compensate for Harsh Environments

Durable expansion joints custom-designed to last

FlexCom designs and builds the highest quality custom metal bellows expansion joints to ensure performance and reliability regardless of environmental challenges. Properly designed metal metal bellows, pipe expansion joints, stainless steel bellows, exhaust bellows, exhaust expansion joints, and rectangle expansion joints save money and substantially reduce wear and tear on ductwork and surrounding components. All FlexCom metal bellows are designed and built using a range of metals including stainless steel and a range of single-to-multi-pies to compensate for the unique stress factors of an application.

FlexCom Metal Bellows Expansion Joints Compensate for Movement

Angular, axial, lateral, and rotational movement are mitigated

Metal Bellows Installed at Facility

FlexCom designs and builds the highest quality custom metal bellows, stainless steel bellows, pipe expansion joints, exhaust bellows, exhaust expansion joints and more with precise metal grades including stainless steel and just the right degree of single-ply versus multi-ply to carefully compensate for movement stress created by intense heat found in common applications. These movements include:

  • Angular. Angular movement occurs when one duct flange moves from a straight position, displaces the joint’s longitudinal axis/centerline and is no longer parallel to the opposing duct flange. 
  • Axial.Through compression and extension, the adjacent duct flanges move closer or farther away from each other along the same longitudinal axis.
  • Lateral.Two adjacent duct flanges move closer or farther away from each other, perpendicular to the joint’s longitudinal axis.
  • Rotational. Rotational movement includes either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of adjacent duct flanges along the joint’s longitudinal axis.  This creates stress between ducts as one flange rotates away from the other.  
Very Large Metal Bellows

Tough, Flexible and Custom:
Metal Bellows Expansion Joints from FlexCom

Stainless steel bellows, pipe expansion joints, and exhaust bellows -- all custom engineered for your application.

Stainless steel bellows: Metal bellows need to be durable to handle extreme pressure and heat, yet flexible to absorb the effects of movement and vibration. FlexCom provides the best of both worlds: metal bellows made of tough stainless steel with a carefully engineered spring rate that’s a custom fit for your application.

Pipe expansion joints: Ideal for operations where a fuel source like gas is piped in or final products or byproducts are piped out. Pipe expansion joints compensate for extreme pressure, movement, vibration, and abrasion to preserve adjoining components.

Exhaust bellows and exhaust expansion joints: Exhaust systems are a critical component of any industrial system that needs to remove dangerous emissions like carbon dioxide. Exhaust bellows and exhaust expansion joints mitigate movement, vibration and other stresses from these high-powered systems.

Rectangular Expansion Joints for Exhaust Systems

Fan isolation, flue ducts, ventilation and other low-pressure applications

Metal Bellows-Rectangular

Rectangular expansion joints from FlexCom absorb thermal expansion as well as axial, lateral and angular movement in low-pressure and negative-pressure applications like exhaust systems, flue ducts, ventilation, and fan isolation. Durable enough to withstand high temperatures yet flexible enough to compensate for various movement, rectangular expansion joints from FlexCom are engineered to provide a custom fit with connecting ducts and equipment with single-miter, double-miter, and camera-fold corner designs providing a menu of flexibility options.

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints in Landfill Applications

Maximizing landfill gas-to-energy plants, including Caterpillar equipment

Metal bellows expansion joints maximize the environmental, community, and owner benefits of landfill gas-to-energy plants by maximizing their efficiency. Methane energy plants can operate at a wide range of efficiencies from 60-90 percent, according to the U.S. EPA.  Pipe expansion joints for piping methane in, plus exhaust bellows for taking emissions out -- including stainless steel metal bellows designed for Caterpillar intake and outtake equipment -- help landfill energy plants operate at 90 percent.

Metal Bellows Landfill Energy

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