Expansion Joints

FlexCom Delivers Metal Bellows & Fabric Expansion Joints on Time, Every Time

Founded in 1991, FlexCom designs and builds custom industrial fabric and metal expansion joints, delivered on time, every time. Our rugged fabric expansion joints and metal bellows are precision engineered to your specifications to withstand heat, pressure, movement, vibration and abrasions in challenging industrial environments. All FlexCom industrial expansion joints come with a warranty.


Fabric Expansion Joints

FlexCom industrial fabric expansion joints are available with or without a frame. Our composite, flat belt-style industrial fabric expansion joints have a rugged metal frame. They connect exhaust system components to adjacent ductwork accommodating operating temperatures up to 2000°F and gas pressures up to 10 psi (.7 bar or .7 kg/cm). Our flexible, u-belt-style fabric expansion joints are lightweight, easy to install and economical, particularly as a fan isolation joint.


Metal Bellows

FlexCom metal bellows are custom built and made from high quality alloys to resist corrosion. They are designed to accommodate high pressure up to 300 psi, very high temperatures and/or liquid transfers.

FlexCom Builds in Quality at Every Step

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, FlexCom engineers design each expansion joint to your specifications, using the optimum configuration and materials while keeping within your budget and delivery constraints. Our state-of-the art facility includes Computer Numerical Control (CNC) fabric cutting tables and high definition plasma arc cutters to ensure specifications are followed exactly. All welders are ASTM certified and each job is monitored for quality throughout the process with real-time tracking.