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Industrial Dampers by FlexCom

Industrial Dampers are a crucial element in any industrial air system. Designed to isolate and regulate airflow, Flexcom’s custom built industrial dampers are a central part of your industrial air moving system. These dampers isolate and control air in industries that produce airstreams with particulate or corrosive gasses. Whether it’s lightweight industrial ventilation, pollution control, or high temperature, high pressure industrial process applications, Flexcom’s customizable industrial dampers are suited to your needs. Maintain optimal efficiency with the right damper for your application.

Industries Served:

  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Pollution Control
  • Combustion Process
  • Glass Manufacturing / Forming
  • Heat Recovery
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Power
  • Cement
  • Steel


  • Isolation
  • Control
  • Diverting
  • Air Quenching
  • Process Control
  • Backdraft / Pressure Relief

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Multi Vane Louver Dampers

Multi-vane dampers consist of several blades that aid in regulating air or gas flow in both wet and dry climates. Louver Dampers with opposing blades increase and decrease airflow, and can come with seals to minimize leakage even further. Parallel blades allow for isolation or a complete shut off and are ideal anywhere space is limited.
Flexcom’s Louver Dampers are customizable, extremely adaptable, and precise when it comes to airflow or gasflow. They’re exceptionally convenient for applications where fast actuation is mandatory, and can be customized for lightweight applications such as system balancing and industrial ventilation, or for heavy duty applications such as gas turbine exhaust and high volume flow control.

Louver Industrial Damper

Multi Vane Louver Dampers Design Options Include:

  • Heavy duty formed or structural channel frames

  • Double thick airfoil blades with welded or bolted vane to shaft attachment

  • Through shafts or stub shafts

  • External bearings

  • Adjustable packing glands

  • Heavy duty operating linkage

  • Seals for shutoff to 99% of flow

  • Available with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuators

  • Refractory lined for operating temperatures to 1500° F

Butterfly Dampers

Ideal for systems that regulate light particulate or clean gas, Flexcom’s Butterfly Dampers can be utilized in lightweight applications or can be refractory lined to process temperatures of up to 1800 F. Providing exceptional flow control, leak isolation, or a combination of the two, our elastomeric disc edge seals provide ultra low leakage even in applications with heavy particulate.
Various degrees of isolation can be met of up to 99.5%. These industrial dampers can be used for controlling the flow and leakage of flue gases at high temperatures in industries like refining, incinerating, and smelting, or to control the passage of dirty gas to pollution control systems in steel mills.

Butterfly Dampers Design Options Include:

  • Heavy duty welded channel or structural angle flanges with standard ductwork patterns or ANSI 150# matching drilling
  • Welded or bolted disc to shaft attachment
  • Through shafts
  • External bearings
  • Adjustable packing glands
  • Seals for shutoff to 5% of flow
  • Available with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuators
  • Refractory lined for operating temperatures to 1800° F
Butterfly Industrial Damper
Butterfly Damper by FlexCom

Slide Gate Dampers (Guillotine Dampers)

Slide Gate Dampers, also called Guillotine Dampers, are perfect for applications that need to isolate air or gas flow routinely for maintenance, repair, or inspection. These valves are ideal for systems that need repeated unrestricted access to a duct hidden behind a media source.

Gate Industrial Damper

Slide Gate Dampers Design Options Include:

  • Heavy duty formed or structural channel frames
  • Stainless steel or inconel gate seals for shutoff to 99.5%
  • Available with plenum / pressure blower arrangement for zero cross leakage
  • Open or totally enclosed bonnets
  • Available with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuators

Hotside Dampers (Bypass Dampers)

Used in applications where diverting air or gas flow is necessary to avoid temperatures from rising above acceptable conditions, Flexcom’s Hotside Dampers, or Bypass Dampers, control the core temperature or airflow in systems where elevated temperature can create adverse conditions. While it’s possible that these valves may never need to open it is highly recommended that they be installed as a preventative measure that can save you time and money in the future.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

T Damper

Flexcom’s T Dampers are crafted for modulating, diverting or isolating air or gas flow depending on your needs. At its most basic the T Damper diverts air or gas flow in an application from one direction to another. These dampers come in both 45 and 90 degree configurations with linked outlets that operate in conjunction with one another – when one outlet is open the other is closed.

These industrial dampers can also be modified by adding an actuator that can allow for diversion to several outlets allowing it to perform multiple functions at one time – isolating, diverting, and modulating.

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Balancing Damper

Balancing Dampers are essentially manual butterfly dampers designed to regulate airflow where positive shut-off or automatic control is not needed. These dampers manipulate airflow simply by having their position adjusted. They’re essential function is to prevent pressure imbalances which can cause applications to be overworked and require repeated maintenance.

Balancing Damper by FlexCom

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