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Industrial Dampers by FlexCom

Industrial Dampers are critical components in industrial process control. Designed to isolate, shut off, throttle or otherwise regulate air and gas flow, industrial Dampers are applied across clean air, particulate air, and corrosive gas industrial systems. 

Industries such as the manufacture of steel, cement, and glass, the generation of electrical power, and more, rely on industrial dampers – whether for lightweight industrial ventilation and pollution control or for heavy-duty, high-temperature, high-pressure installations.

A variety of industrial Dampers – Multi-Vane (Louver), Butterfly, Slidegate (Guillotine), Bypass (Hotside), Tee (T), and more – work to maintain optimal operational efficiency. They’re used across an even greater variety of industrial process control systems in specialized and highly-regulated industries.

FlexCom designs, customizes, engineers and fabricates Dampers for industrial process control.

Industries Served:

  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Pollution Control
  • Combustion Process
  • Glass Manufacturing / Forming
  • Heat Recovery
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Power
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers


  • Isolation
  • Control
  • Diverting
  • Air Quenching
  • Process Control
  • Backdraft / Pressure Relief

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Industrial Multi-Vane (Louver) Dampers for Air and Gas Modulation

The strength of Multi-Vane Dampers, also called Louver Dampers, lies in regulating, modulating, increasing, decreasing, or otherwise throttling airflow for industrial processes. Relied upon for fast actuation, Multi-Vane (Louver) Dampers are typical in applications that require pressure relief, stack isolation, backdraft control, system balancing, or industrial ventilation.

Multi-vane Dampers can be used for airflow shutdown or isolation in some clean-air installations. More typically, however, Multi-vane Louver Dampers are ideal for airflow modulation in industrial processes, especially when fast actuation is required.

Multi-vane Louver Dampers from FlexCom are used in heavy-duty applications, including gas turbine exhaust, high-volume air control, system balancing and industrial ventilation.

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Multi-vane industrial damper

Multi Vane Louver Dampers Design Options Include:

  • Heavy duty formed or structural channel frames
  • Double thick airfoil blades with welded or bolted vane to shaft attachment
  • Through shafts
  • External bearings
  • Adjustable packing glands
  • Heavy duty operating linkage
  • Seals for shutoff up to 99% of flow
  • Available with electric, pneumatic, or manual actuators

Industrial Butterfly Dampers for Air and Gas Isolation

Industrial Butterfly dampers are commonly used in airflow shutdown, system isolation, and airflow bypass in light-particulate industrial processes. Typical applications for Butterfly dampers include dust filtering and pollution control systems, such as in baghouses for industries like cement and asphalt.

Butterfly dampers are ideal for installations that need to control light particulate air and they are also suitable for clean-air installations. Butterfly Dampers with advanced design from FlexCom may also be used in high-particulate air systems, for control of corrosive gasses, in heat recovery and heat isolation, and in air quenching.

Butterfly Dampers Design Options Include:

  • Heavy duty plate or structural angle flanges with drilling for standard or custom bolt hole patterns
  • Welded disc to shaft attachment
  • Through shafts
  • External bearings
  • Adjustable packing glands
  • Seals for shutoff up to 99% of flow
  • Available with electric, pneumatic, or manual actuators
  • Refractory lined for high temperature applications
FlexCom Butterfly Damper
Butterfly Damper by FlexCom

Industrial Bypass (Hotside) Dampers Divert Air and Gas for Temperature Control

Bypass Dampers, also called Hotside Dampers, divert air or gas flow in order to control core temperatures in systems where elevated temperatures can lead to adverse outcomes. Bypass (Hotside) Dampers are used in applications where it is necessary to prevent temperatures from rising to conditions that can cause failure or damage in the installation.

Typically activated by a variable energy-recovery system, the Bypass or Hotside Damper can open automatically when unacceptable temperatures are detected, releasing some of the hot air or gas, regulating the temperature. While it’s possible the Bypass or Hotside Damper may never need to open, they are often nonetheless installed as a failsafe.

Bypass or Hotside Dampers are often used in heat recovery applications, such as Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, since inconsistent temperatures in heat recovery systems will reduce efficiency and result in minimal heat recovery.


RTO Damper
FlexCom Tee Damper

Industrial Tee (T) Dampers Provide Versatile Industrial Process Control

While most industrial dampers feature some versatility between air types and air control methods, Tee Dampers, also called T Dampers, provide some of the greatest versatility: Tee dampers are used for air or gas shutoff/isolation, modulation, or diversion, across various air and gas types.

The configuration of the Tee Damper, with two outlets linked to an inlet at 45 degrees or 90 degrees in the shape of a T, lends itself to airflow diversion and airflow shutoff; the air or gas goes out of one outlet while it’s blocked from the other. When the damper is fitted with a custom modulating actuator, it can perform a third function: airflow modulation.

Tee Dampers are used in a range of applications, including pollution control, heat recovery systems, and landfill energy, waste-to-energy, and gas-to-energy plants.

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Industrial Balancing Dampers for Manual Air and Gas Shutoff

Industrial Balancing Dampers, like Butterfly Dampers, are commonly used for installations that require airflow shutdown, system isolation, or airflow bypass. The difference between Balancing Dampers and Butterfly Dampers is that Balancing Dampers are actuated manually.

Manipulating airflow simply by having their position adjusted, Balancing Dampers are used primarily to prevent air pressure imbalances that could lead to systems becoming overworked and in need of maintenance.

Balancing Dampers are a cost-effective option in applications that require airflow shutoff control but where automatic control is not needed.

Balancing Damper by FlexCom

Industrial Slidegate (Guillotine) Dampers for Air and Gas Shutoff

The binary nature of industrial Slidegate Dampers, also called Guillotine Dampers, make the dampers ideal for air and gas isolation. Slidegate (Guillotine) Dampers feature a single blade that can slide open or closed to keep air and gas flow fully open or fully closed.

Slidegate or Guillotine Dampers are ideal for on-off airflow control and isolation, such as to open or close hopper valves and flues, to control the flow of steam to a turbine, or for fan isolation. With customization from FlexCom, Slidegate or Guillotine dampers can eliminate cross leakage for use in installations with particulate, polluted, or corrosive air.

Gate Industrial Damper

Slide Gate Dampers Design Options Include:

  • Heavy duty formed or structural channel frames
  • Stainless steel or inconel gate seals for shutoff up to 99%
  • Open or totally enclosed bonnets
  • Available with electric, pneumatic or manual actuators

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