Flexible Fabric Expansion Joints Offer Economical Option

RoundExpansionFlexCom’s flexible fabric expansion joints, also known as fan isolation joints, are a lightweight, economical option for the efficient transfer of gases up to 1000°F in low pressure applications up to 5 psi. These u-belt style flexible fabric expansion joints often are used in boiler exhaust and pollution control systems. Our flexible fabric expansion joints can be designed for a wide range of temperature, moisture and pressure requirements. They are easily mounted directly to the duct flange using steel backing bars and rings. Read how Air Liquide Inc. used flexible fabric joints in two hydrogen manufacturing facilities.

FlexCom fabric expansion joints are constructed of ChemShield®, a Teflon®-coated, high strength fiberglass cloth laminated to a sheet of pure Teflon. ChemShield provides maximum strength and protection from harsh environments as well as excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and other forms of atmospheric aging.

WFlexCom Fabric Bellowhen resistance to higher temperatures is needed, we construct our flexible fabric expansion joints from FlexLam®, made with an outer layer of ChemShield laminated to woven fiberglass cloth. This highly durable fabric is rated for temperatures up to 1000°F. Learn more about FlexCom’s industrial expansion joint fabrics. 

Chemduit™ flexible ducting provides a highly reliable option for applications requiring large axial movement. This two-ply flexible tubing is highly rated for superior chemical and abrasion resistance, thermal stability and mechanical strength. Learn more about Chemduit.

FlexCom designs and builds custom fabric and metal expansion joints delivered on time, every time. We provide consistently superior service and precision-engineered products for the best solution for all of your industrial expansion joint needs. 

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