FlexCom’s Custom Metal Bellows Expansion Joints Compensate for Movement

FlexCom designs and builds custom metal bellows to carefully compensate for movement stress created by intense heat found in common applications. These movements include:

  • Angular. Angular movement occurs when one duct flange moves from a straight position, displaces the joint’s longitudinal axis/centerline and is no longer parallel to the opposing duct flange. 
  • Axial. Through compression and extension, the adjacent duct flanges move closer or farther away from each other along the same longitudinal axis.
  • Lateral. Two adjacent duct flanges move closer or farther away from each other, perpendicular to the joint’s longitudinal axis.
  • Rotational. Rotational movement includes either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of adjacent duct flanges along the joint’s longitudinal axis.  This creates stress between ducts as one flange rotates away from the other.  

Turn to FlexCom for superior metal bellows. FlexCom designs and builds fabric and metal expansion joints delivered on time, every time. 

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