FlexCom Acquires Control Equipment Co. Inc., Expanding and Improving Dampers Offerings

Louver Industrial Damper

BATH, Pa. | FlexCom, a leading manufacturer of custom flexible connectors for heavy-duty industrial applications, has acquired dampers manufacturer Control Equipment Co. Inc. to enhance FlexCom’s offerings of custom industrial dampers.

FlexCom currently provides custom industrial dampers and the acquisition will allow FlexCom to expand its offerings and reach a broader market. FlexCom will also continue to provide custom metal bellows expansion joints and custom fabric expansion joints, which are used to promote industrial efficiency worldwide.

The marketplace can expect the same quality of damper with excellent customer response and turnaround times. 

“FlexCom has no intention of making major alterations to the products made by Control Equipment. Instead, we are excited to inherit a strong product as part of the acquisition and to build on its success. The major change that FlexCom and Control Equipment customers are likely to notice is that we will be able to take the dampers from draft to production floor to in-hands much more efficiently than previously,” FlexCom President Jim Wall said. 

The acquisition includes Control Equipment technologies and some of its physical equipment. Control Equipment President Jim Pish will remain with FlexCom over the next few months to help ensure a smooth transition that prioritizes maintaining product quality and improving efficiency.

“A priority while seeking a buyer for Control Equipment was to put the company and its customers in trusted hands that can carry Control Equipment virtues forward for another 30-plus years,” Pish said. “FlexCom President Jim Wall and his team are compassionate businesspeople, sharp engineers, and skilled manufacturers. I’ve known Jim for years and I couldn’t imagine a better buyer than Jim and FlexCom.” 

FlexCom is committed to upholding the well-known quality of Control Equipment products and providing them to the marketplace in a more efficient way.

FlexCom is strong in its engineering, manufacturing, and customer service and continues to grow. The Bath, Pa.-based FlexCom has operated for more than 25 years, specializing in custom metal bellows expansion joints and custom fabric expansion joints that promote industrial efficiency worldwide. FlexCom periodically provides custom industrial dampers, as well, and the acquisition allows FlexCom to specialize in this area.