FlexCom Metal Bellows Expansion Joints Compensate for Harsh Environments

MetalBellow-HarshFlexCom designs and builds custom metal bellows expansion joints to ensure quality, performance and reliability regardless of environmental challenges. Properly designed metal bellows save money and substantially reduce wear and tear on ductwork and surrounding components. All FlexCom metal bellows are designed and built to compensate for the unique stress factors of an application. Learn more about FlexCom’s metal bellows expansion joint designs.

  • Heat. Heat is one of the greatest sources of stress in ductwork, causing metallic elements to expand and become misaligned. FlexCom designs and builds custom metal bellows to compensate for high temperatures up to 2500°F. 
  • Pressure. Intense pressure as high as 300 psi causes enormous environmental and movement stress on ductwork and pipelines. Over time, this can reduce the reliability of your system and damage expensive components. FlexCom carefully selects the metal grade, joint size and overall design of each custom metal bellows to withstand the most challenging conditions.
  • Movement. Heat and other load elements can cause adjacent components and ductwork to shift from their initial position and become misaligned. FlexCom custom metal bellows compensate for axial, angular, lateral and rotation movement and combinations of these movements. Learn how FlexCom's metal bellows compensate for movement.
  • Vibration. Vibrations transmitted along ductwork can reduce operating efficiency, damage components and increase operating and maintenance costs. FlexCom custom designs metal bellows for specific load requirements to compensate for vibration without sacrificing load tolerance, thrust resistance or joint reliability.
  • Abrasion. Most gases and liquids transferred through metal bellows contain a high level of particulate contamination that over time can cause abrasion damage to the joint, reducing its lifespan. FlexCom designs each metal bellows to protect the joint against abrasion. 

For all your fabric and metal industrial expansion joint needs, turn to FlexCom. We promise consistently superior service, precision-engineered products and on-time delivery, every time. 

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For all your Custom Metal Bellows, Fabric Expansion Joint & Industrial Damper needs turn to FlexCom. We promise on-time delivery, consistently superior service and precision-engineered products.